A donation of $200, 4 hours/year

that’s all it takes to help a charity close to your heart!

We are a non-profit organization with a goal of bringing women together to leverage small, individual donations into larger, collective grants to invest in Northumberland-based charities.


Each member commits to donating $50, four times a year (annual charitable donation of $200).

Donations must be made in advance of or at the start of each meeting.

Any member who has signed a Membership Commitment Form and who is current with her donations may submit a Charity nomination form to nominate an organization for consideration at a meeting.

Three registered charitable organizations will be drawn at the end of each meeting to be considered for the next vote. Members will then vote for one of these charities at the following meeting.

The nominating members will make a five-minute presentation about the organization to the group and a Q&A session will follow.

Each member who has signed a Membership Commitment Form and who is current with her donations may vote (by ballot) for one of the three organizations. Votes may be made by proxy by another member or via email.

The organization to receive the most ballots will receive a collective grant in the amount of the membership contributions at the time of the meeting, for example, 100 members will generate a grant of $5,000.

Members who did not vote for the selected organization agree to make their donation regardless.

Members will receive a tax receipt from Local Food for Local Good (the coordinating organization).

Become a Member

Join 100+ Women Northumberland and make a difference in our community! Once you’ve submitted the online form you will receive a welcome email with your membership number, a listing of upcoming meetings and information about how to make your donation and how to nominate a charity. Continue reading “Become a Member”

Nominate a Charity

100+ Women Northumberland members who have submitted a Membership Commitment Form and who are current with their donations may submit a Charity Nomination Form to nominate an organization for consideration.

Alternatively, a registered charity that serves Northumberland County can self-nominate themselves.  Please note that if your organization has already been nominated by a member we will combine the applications.

To nominate a charity please fill out our online form, or download our Charity Nomination Form to fill out in Word and submit to 100womennorthumberland@gmail.com.


All questions must be answered in order for the nomination to qualify.

100+ Women Who Care Northumberland Grant Policy
We provide grants to charitable organizations or foundations registered with the Canada Revenue Agency that provide programs and services in Northumberland County.  Religious organizations or faith-based groups may be eligible as long as the grant request is for the sole purpose of secular community initiatives.  We do not support religious, discriminatory, lobbying, or political activities.

Continue reading “Nominate a Charity”

Upcoming Meetings

2022 Meetings

Please note that we are now hosting hybrid meetings.  The in-person portion will be hosted outdoors to ensure a safe environment so please dress for the weather.  All public health and COVID-19 protocols will be followed.  If you are joining us via Zoom the meeting room will be opened approximately 10 minutes before 7pm.

Social hour 6pm-7pm (in-person meeting only)

Grant meeting 7pm-8pm

April 12, 2022 – Location TBA
June 21, 2022 – Location TBA
September 13, 2022 – Location TBA
November 15, 2022 – Location TBA

RSVP for joining us in-person is required.  Please register for the event here.


Nominee Profiles

Collective impact grants are generated by the donations made by 100+ Women Northumberland members. 100% of these gifts are donated directly to a charity of choice as selected by the members. Based on membership, a grant can be $5,000 or greater!

The following charities will be up for vote at our next meeting. For more information about the charities, please click on the charity’s name to visit their website.

We are requesting a grant to purchase a Sara Lift.  Also known as a “Sit to Stand Lift”, they are used to assist mobility patients when they are unable to transition from a sitting position to a standing position on their own. They help mobility patients transfer from standing to sitting safely.  The Hospital currently has 2 of these lifts (one in the Emergency Department and one in Restorative Care) and they’ve proven to be incredibly helpful to both the patient and their caregivers. It is our hope to have a Sara Lift in the Dialysis Unit as many of our patients have difficulty transferring into and out of their treatment chairs.

Book Clubs for Inmates helps inmates develop pro-social skills, such as respectful listening and speaking.  During the pandemic, BCFI had to cease operation but we are now allowed to resume our work and hopeful to resume in-person book clubs this fall. Currently, we are sending books and reflection questions into some prisons, and certain book clubs are operating virtually.  If BCFI was awarded the October grant, the funds would be used to re-launch the Warkworth Institution book club program.  100 Women Who Care Northumberland would also become a patron of the Warkworth book club and receive recognition accordingly.

We are hoping to be selected so that we may replace all the broken, worn outdoor equipment.  Just one bike can cost between $250 and $350 dollars and we have 4 groups of children, approximately 50 children per day.  We could also purchase special needs equipment so that all children would be included.