Coordinating Committee

A volunteer Coordinating Committee organizes 100+ Women Northumberland. The committee is compromised of a Chair, Treasurer, Meetings Coordinator, Nominations Coordinator, Membership Coordinator and Marketing Coordinator.  The chapter is sponsored by Local Food for Local Good, which also administers 100 Guys Giver 110% Northumberland, 100 Women Who Care Brighton and 100 Kids Who Care Northumberland.

100+ Women Northumberland Coordinating Committee 2018

Chair – Nicole Beatty, Co-Founder

Registrars – Beth Sheffield and Amelia Sheffield Bray

Treasurer – Suzanne Tilley

Meetings Coordinator – Christine Roth

Nominations Coordinator – Yvette McCartney

Membership Coordinator – Vacant

Marketing Coordinator – Sam Campbell, Lori Copeland and Dominie Doig

100 Kids Coordinator – Rebecca Harris

If you are interested in joining the Coordinating Committee please contact us – we’d love to hear from you!