Upcoming Meetings

2021 Meetings

Given the current public health restrictions related to COVID-19 and based on member feedback in the 2020 survey, we have decided to revise our meeting schedule to accommodate outdoor social gatherings in warmer months if/when permitted.

The 2021 meeting months are as follows:

April 2021 | June 2021 | September 2021 | October 2021

Exact dates will be confirmed by early February and also in our March 2021 newsletter.

Nominee Profiles

Collective impact grants are generated by the donations made by 100+ Women Northumberland members. 100% of these gifts are donated directly to a charity of choice as selected by the members. Based on membership, a grant can be $5,000 or greater!

The following charities will be up for vote at our next meeting. For more information about the charities, please click on the charity’s name to visit their website.

Horizons of Friendship

horizons of friendship

FishAbility Sports Club

fishability sports club

St Vincent de Paul – Northumberland 

society of saint vincent de paul