#MemberMonday: Christine Roth

Christine Roth, Meeting Logistics

Why I became a member of the 100+ Women Northumberland

I think it was in 2016, when I first learned about 100 Women with Heart. My husband had  read about it, and told me that they were meeting at the Mill.

When we lived in Toronto, I was involved, as much as I could, with grassroot charities and community service providers. Although I kept my base in Toronto [and continue having my office in Toronto], something was missing in my life living in Cobourg.

I had held fundraising events in 2013 in Cobourg for Dress for the Cause prior to joining the wonderful 100+ Women with Heart. However, as proud as I am about my involvement, fundraising, and raising awareness about breast cancer, the grassroot community involvement I wanted to have within my new hometown was missing. 100+ Women provided me with the opportunity to be involved and try to do something good in my backyard, so to speak.

So, I attended at the meeting and I was hooked. What a noble cause and what a wonderful group of human beings to work with. I wear my membership badge with pride and great honour.

Thank you, Christine Roth


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#MemberMonday: Amelia Sheffield Bray

Amelia Sheffield Bray, Founding Member& Registrar

Why I became a member of the 100+ Women Northumberland

I grew up in a socially minded family and donated and volunteered with different campaigns that spoke to me over the years. When I returned to Northumberland from Toronto I was interested in getting involved in this community. Nicole had returned to Northumberland from Australia around the same time so we started working on a few projects together including 100 Women.
My motivation for giving through 100 Women has changed in the last few years, since I’ve had my kids. Demonstrating charitable giving and discussing the impact our donations have on the charities we support are foundations for developing empathy and the power of volunteering.

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#MemberMonday: Leslie Logan

Leslie Logan, Founding Member

Why I became a member of the 100+ Women Northumberland

Being new to Northumberland, I was in the dark about its charitable needs. I wanted to give but I had no idea where to start.  I had been a part of another 100 women group in the area of my employment, however I really was motivated to help my own community where I live and play.  The 100 Women Northumberland afforded me the opportunity.  I’ve learned so much about the community and our members through this wonderful organization.  I’m grateful I had the opportunity to learn with and contribute to such an amazing community.

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#MemberMonday: Yvette Paldy McCartney

Yvette Paldy McCartney, Charity Nominations

Why I became a member of the 100+ Women Northumberland

Born and raised in Montreal, to immigrant parents, my husband and I moved to Cobourg over 30 years ago. Our daughters thrived within this fabulous community. As a guidance counsellor and teacher, at St. Mary Catholic Secondary School, there were monthly organized charitable events. As I was about to retire, I started searching for a way to become more involved and give back to our community. In 2016 when Nicole Beatty invited me to join 100+ Women Who Care, of course I agreed.

Giving time and energy to my community was instilled in us from my parents and especially from my maternal grandmother. She was a very generous lady who enjoyed hosting elaborate lunches in her home every Sunday. Her kitchen staff would prepare for ten to 20 people every week. She gave freely as her husband and family had plenty. It is with this spirit my parents continued our upbringing. My mom used to purchase items in a store because the owner seemed “so nice”. My dad always gives, or brings, a smile to whomever he communicates with.

Joining 100+ Women Who Care has been extremely heartwarming and rewarding for many reasons. Mainly I love meeting so many amazing, gifted, and generous women within our community. And because I thoroughly enjoy continuously learning about the many non-profit organizations that need, and will benefit, from our yearly contributions. Hoping to continue to spread good cheer, and a little wealth, in our community for many years.

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#MemberMonday: Lori Copeland

Lori Copeland, Engagement & Marketing

Why I became a member of the 100+ Women Northumberland

Northumberland has always been home to me. In the late 1970’s my parents pursued a dream that
uprooted our family to Florida for several years. My sister Lisa and I both married and had children in
Florida – and yet it never felt like home. Fortunately, we both successfully moved our families back
home to Northumberland (including our American husbands) in 1999 and 2000. We both believe the
greatest gift we could have given our children was the opportunity to grow up in this community. And
living in the US for 24 years made me appreciate this even more.

My husband Nathan’s father died when Nathan was 14, leaving behind his mother and four children
with no insurance and a small widow’s pension from the Navy. Times were very tough – they were
poor, and if it were not for the giving community and the church it would have been impossible.
We have raised our boys to have grateful, generous hearts and be acutely aware of those less fortunate.
They have filled me with pride on many occasions for their quiet and anonymous giving.

When I first learned of 100 Women I was immediately drawn. The perfect combination of a beautiful
generous community coming together to support those in need. The concept is brilliant, creating a
collective contribution that makes a meaningful impact on a deserving charity. I also love the
awareness and opportunity to learn about the many amazing organizations doing great work in our

Nathan and our two sons Nate and Zak are part of 100 Men Northumberland. Nate’s fiancé Olie is part
of 100 Women. As a family, the association with 100 Women/Men has made us more aware of the
needs in our community and the perfect channel to focus our energy and resources.

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