The Help Centre receives November 2022 grant for $7,810

Congratulations again to The Help Centre being chosen as our November 2022 Grant Recipient.

The Help Centre Outreach Program Receives a Significant Donation from The 100+ Women Who Care!

The Help Centre is excited to announce that we have been selected as the recipients of a generous donation of $7,810 from the 100+ Women Who Care. This donation will support our Outreach Program and will allow our staff to provide all of our much-needed programs and services throughout Northumberland County.

The donation was presented April 4th, 2023 at Capitol Theatre in Port Hope at 7:00pm.

The Help Centre is a grassroots social service agency located in Cobourg with a service delivery area encompassing Northumberland County in its entirety. The Help Centre offers a variety of programs to assist with the stability of disadvantaged residents of our community (lower-income, unemployed, homeless, disabled, seniors, newcomers, and also residents with low levels of education/literacy). For 40 years our agency has been contributing to the healing of the community by delivering services that allow residents to access a safe and affordable roof over their heads, food on their tables and the knowledge to financially maintain their households while living on a low-income.

Some communities within Northumberland County have limited services and transportation options to allow low-income residents to access the services needed. It is also difficult and time consuming to travel between any two points in the County without access to a private vehicle.

We are so grateful with the 100+ Women Who Care for our nomination and for making us the recipients of this meaningful donation. Thanks to it, The Help Centre will be able to continue impacting lives and making the difference in the community by offering all our services throughout the County at community hub-offices if a client is not able to visit our main office in Cobourg.

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The Help Centre

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