Sounds of the Next Generation (SONG) – September 2021 Grant for $6,420

Sounds of the Next Generation (SONG) is thrilled to announce the receipt of a generous grant from 100+ Women Northumberland.
Thank you ladies!!!! – with an additional tip of our hats to Lori Copeland for nominating our
program. Your support means so much to everyone involved in SONG programming.
SONG is a free music education program for children residing in Northumberland County.
Through ensemble music making SONG students learn social engagement and development, inclusiveness and leadership, opening doors and helping them achieve brighter futures. This generous gift provides music education that builds skills like confidence, creativity and resilience. 100+Women Northumberland is helping music change lives – one rehearsal at a time.
The SONG students, their families and the SONG Board of Directors simply cannot express our thanks enough. The generous donation made by 100+Women Northumberland will ensure SONG programming can reach as many students as possible this school year. Our hearts are full knowing that ALL kids who want to sing and create music together will be able to do so in the medium they feel safest. Whether our students choose to make music together in-person or online, this donation has meant they have ready access to SONG programming and the community of care that comes with it.
On behalf of all the SONG students and families – Thank you! This grant enables SONG to
expand its outreach and to “raise all voices”.