#MemberMonday: Jennifer Darrell

Jennifer Darrell

Why I became a member of the 100+ Women Northumberland

I am an “original” member and was at the inaugural meeting when my nomination for SONG was drawn as one of the first three to be voted on at the second meeting…. so I started out on a big “high”.  I initially was drawn to 100 Women because I loved the concept of getting the most for your donation and maximizing grants and I had known and worked with Nicole Beatty earlier on SONG matters.  I admired Nicole so much that I knew 100 Women would be a great organization and I’ve never felt disappointed.  

My nomination for SONG “won” the vote at the second meeting so my “high” continued.  I have since then had another nomination drawn and, therefore, have had opportunities to tell the members about two of my favourite charities.

I love the fact that the membership is varied with women from a wide range of backgrounds and ages and esp that there are women there with babes in arms, as well as “elderlies” like myself.  I like that one can find out about all sorts of charities in the County and think it’s a huge plus that meetings start on time, presentations are short and everyone is on equal footing in terms of presentation parameters.  It is a great networking venue and I have made some good “connections” for further volunteer work through 100 Women.


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#MemberMonday: Ethelwyn Rempel

Ethelwyn Rempel, Inaugural Donor!

I had heard about men’s groups of 100 who raised funds for local charities on CBC radio (my window to the world) several years ago, so that I was familiar with the concept.  When I heard about a women’s group being founded in our area, I was there in a flash!

The first meeting, upstairs at ‘The Mill’, was my introduction to Nicole Beatty, Amelia, Kristy and Leslie, and I was hooked!  Nicole was so well spoken and described the concept. Everyone was keen and enthusiastic. Pam Went and I were eager to be a part of it!

It is a meaningful way to contribute to our local charities, and we learn about them.  We give to many charities, but this is the most personal and connected one for me.

The meetings, four times a year, are a gathering of fun, interesting, caring women and Nicole is wonderful at making the hour well run, personal and prompt!

Ethelwyn Rempel

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#MemberMonday: Pam Went

Pam Went, One of our first donors

Why I became a member of the 100+ Women Northumberland

Why did I join 100+  Women who Care?  Our name says it all.  It speaks to the great things that women can accomplish when they unite in a common purpose. When I read that Nicole was starting a chapter in Northumberland County I went to the inaugural meeting and joined that evening.
How do I feel about it now? I love the fact that our group is made up of women of all ages, and I love that we are able to donate amounts that are substantial and thus meaningful to the recipient charities. 
The 100 Women movement raises people’s awareness of the importance and power of philanthropy and it raises awareness of charities of which many of us have never heard. Both of these benefits can have  a domino effect in our community. An example of the latter: after learning about the Promised Land Farm Sanctuary from me, my husband became the sponsor of one of Kat’s goats and pays for Gussy’s expenses every month. ( Photo of the boys attached).

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#MemberMonday: Christine Roth

Christine Roth, Meeting Logistics

Why I became a member of the 100+ Women Northumberland

I think it was in 2016, when I first learned about 100 Women with Heart. My husband had  read about it, and told me that they were meeting at the Mill.

When we lived in Toronto, I was involved, as much as I could, with grassroot charities and community service providers. Although I kept my base in Toronto [and continue having my office in Toronto], something was missing in my life living in Cobourg.

I had held fundraising events in 2013 in Cobourg for Dress for the Cause prior to joining the wonderful 100+ Women with Heart. However, as proud as I am about my involvement, fundraising, and raising awareness about breast cancer, the grassroot community involvement I wanted to have within my new hometown was missing. 100+ Women provided me with the opportunity to be involved and try to do something good in my backyard, so to speak.

So, I attended at the meeting and I was hooked. What a noble cause and what a wonderful group of human beings to work with. I wear my membership badge with pride and great honour.

Thank you, Christine Roth


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#MemberMonday: Amelia Sheffield Bray

Amelia Sheffield Bray, Founding Member& Registrar

Why I became a member of the 100+ Women Northumberland

I grew up in a socially minded family and donated and volunteered with different campaigns that spoke to me over the years. When I returned to Northumberland from Toronto I was interested in getting involved in this community. Nicole had returned to Northumberland from Australia around the same time so we started working on a few projects together including 100 Women.
My motivation for giving through 100 Women has changed in the last few years, since I’ve had my kids. Demonstrating charitable giving and discussing the impact our donations have on the charities we support are foundations for developing empathy and the power of volunteering.

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