#MemberMonday: Sam Campbell

Sam Campbell, Engagement & Marketing

Why I became a member of the 100+ Women Northumberland

My maternal grandmother was one of the kindest people I knew.  She grew up in poverty and never had a lot of money throughout her adult life, yet she always found time to give back to her community.  As a child I never understood what that meant but as I got older I realized that time can be so much more valuable than money when helping others.  It’s something that I have tried to aspire to, in my grandmother’s honour. 
I’ve lived in Northumberland County for 21 years and commuted for 19 of those years which did not leave me a lot of time to volunteer locally. That was certainly something I felt I was missing and when I stopped commuting I really wanted to give back to my community.  When I heard about 100+ Women Northumberland I was in awe and it took me all of two minutes to jump in.  What an incredible concept: bringing like-minded women together to leverage small, individual donations into larger, collective grants.  Simple, powerful, effective AND we get to learn about some of our wonderful, local charities that I would not have known about otherwise.  
I am proud and honoured to be a part of this amazing group of women.
Sam Campbell


#membermonday #thepowerof100 #womensphilanthropy


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