#MemberMonday: Pam Went

Pam Went, One of our first donors

Why I became a member of the 100+ Women Northumberland

Why did I join 100+  Women who Care?  Our name says it all.  It speaks to the great things that women can accomplish when they unite in a common purpose. When I read that Nicole was starting a chapter in Northumberland County I went to the inaugural meeting and joined that evening.
How do I feel about it now? I love the fact that our group is made up of women of all ages, and I love that we are able to donate amounts that are substantial and thus meaningful to the recipient charities. 
The 100 Women movement raises people’s awareness of the importance and power of philanthropy and it raises awareness of charities of which many of us have never heard. Both of these benefits can have  a domino effect in our community. An example of the latter: after learning about the Promised Land Farm Sanctuary from me, my husband became the sponsor of one of Kat’s goats and pays for Gussy’s expenses every month. ( Photo of the boys attached).

#membermonday #thepowerof100 #womensphilanthropy


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