#MemberMonday: Jennifer Darrell

Jennifer Darrell

Why I became a member of the 100+ Women Northumberland

I am an “original” member and was at the inaugural meeting when my nomination for SONG was drawn as one of the first three to be voted on at the second meeting…. so I started out on a big “high”.  I initially was drawn to 100 Women because I loved the concept of getting the most for your donation and maximizing grants and I had known and worked with Nicole Beatty earlier on SONG matters.  I admired Nicole so much that I knew 100 Women would be a great organization and I’ve never felt disappointed.  

My nomination for SONG “won” the vote at the second meeting so my “high” continued.  I have since then had another nomination drawn and, therefore, have had opportunities to tell the members about two of my favourite charities.

I love the fact that the membership is varied with women from a wide range of backgrounds and ages and esp that there are women there with babes in arms, as well as “elderlies” like myself.  I like that one can find out about all sorts of charities in the County and think it’s a huge plus that meetings start on time, presentations are short and everyone is on equal footing in terms of presentation parameters.  It is a great networking venue and I have made some good “connections” for further volunteer work through 100 Women.


#membermonday #thepowerof100 #womensphilanthropy


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