#MemberMonday: Lee Higginson

Lee Higginson, Wonder Woman

Why I became a member of the 100+ Women Northumberland

Ok! Here you go:

There are so many reasons I am a proud member of 100+ Women Northumberland.

Charitable giving is very important to me, and feeling like I am a member of a supportive community is close to my heart.

But let’s talk some truths here too: life is BUSY! We are strapped for time and energy and resources now, more than ever. It’s so easy to check out and bump our charity work down on the priority list.

And THIS is why the 100+ women model is so amazing. There is no more efficient, satisfying way to give. The donation process itself is a one-time payment for the year. And the quarterly meetings are fun, engaging and informative.

The best thing? In one hour, the 100+ Women Northumberland make a democratic choice to change a local charity dramatically. That’s it! You’ve made a difference. Perfect.

Real change, real engagement, real women making a difference to their community.

I love being a member of this group. ❤️

#membermonday #thepowerof100 #womensphilanthropy


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