Wrap Around Northumberland

Received $6,200 in September 2018.



Grant Will Increase Access to Support Locally for Families Living in Rural Areas

Families living in rural areas of Northumberland County will continue to receive WrapAround support in their own community thanks to a generous grant of $6,200 from 100+ Women with Heart to WrapAround Northumberland.  This is a wonderful support that has come at the right time as more families, particularly from rural communities, are asking for WrapAround supports this year than ever before.

WrapAround Northumberland supports families with complex needs and has a 15 member Advisory Committee composed of representatives from many children’s services including education, mental health and special needs as well as community members who support, champion, and advise WrapAround across the County.

WrapAround is a strength-based process which builds on the strengths of a family, their friends and connections, and their community to build a network of support which can assist the family to meet their goals.  WrapAround Northumberland supports families with complex needs, many of whom are feeling overwhelmed and at a point of crisis when first contact is made.  Families cannot wait for support at this time and so WrapAround needs to be ready to jump in and meet the family right away.

Over the year more families from rural areas have been accessing WrapAround supports with more than 60% of the average 80 families served annually now living outside Cobourg and Port Hope from a previous level of about 45%.  Coupled with the increase in the number of families accessing WrapAround, there has been a growing concern about the increasing transportation costs of supporting families in their own homes in more remote areas of the County.  This grant will be able to ensure that no family is left waiting for support nor are they being asked to travel for support.  WrapAround can continue to be provided when and where families need it.

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